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A hub is a center that connects different components using the same transmission cannel.

In HUB, you will find the solutions to all your business needs. Our professional team will be able to help you in talent recruiting processes, psychometric tests, background checks, immigration services, relocation, translations, salary surveys, compensation, Training, and much more.

We will be your solution center. We will be your HUB.

Welcome to HUB

About Us

We are a consulting firm specialized in HR and Management Support, and highly committed to our clients. We are driven by our passion for rendering help and support in every step of your management processes, while guaranteeing excellence and commitment.

Thanks to our rich experience working in multinational companies, we are able to understand and recognize our clients’ needs, finding effective and top quality solutions.

Our multidisciplinary team is composed of professionals from different disciplines such as: HR, Psychology, Sociology, business administration and accounting.

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Pablo M. López Nardone

Founder and General Director of HUB, Consulting Company.

Bachelor’s Degree of Business Administration from the National University of Buenos Aires, with Specialization Postgraduates at the Catholic University of Argentina and IAE Business School of the Austral University.

He has vast experience in the corporate world as having held various positions within the area of Human Resources.

Throughout his professional career, he has worked for multinational companies in the Consumer Goods and Oil & Gas markets, performing important roles such as Compensation & Benefits Corporate Head, Expats Management Head, and Human Resources Corporate Manager for International Operations, being responsible for companies and endowments of the United States, Colombia, Venezuela, Bolivia, Uruguay, Angola, among others.

He has also pioneered the definition of management models and processes in the Human Resources area, and their implementation at the Corporate level with SAP.

In 2012, he founded HUB and set up his specialization in Consulting Services, taking his model of comprehensive multi-country support to a multi-client supporting environment.

As a consultant, he has provided services not only for diverse Multinational companies, but also for Medium, Small and Start-up companies providing, together with his professional team, their support in areas such as Talent Selection, Payroll Management, Expatriate Management and Relocation, Training and Coaching, etc.

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Seleccion 1 - 300


The success and sustainability of an organization are based on recruiting top HR talents…
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Psico 1 - 300

Psychometric tests

Having competent human resources is essential for business success…
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fingerprint 300

Background Checks

Having prompt, accurate and reliable information is crucial…
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Migratorio - 300

Immigration Services

We know it is essential for your visitors, business travelers and relocated employees to strictly follow immigration regulations…
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Relocation - 300

Relocation Services

We offer integral support to your Company’s expatriates or temporary foreign/local assignees…
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Compensaciones 300

Compensation & Benefits

A correct Compensation Management in an Organization will allow you to attract and retain key staff members…
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encuestas 300

Salary Surveys

Organizations face the constant challenge of carrying out remuneration practices that allow them to maintain…
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Translate 300

Translation Services

In a globalized world, it is essential to get the support of someone specialized in languages…
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Eval Tecnicas 300

Technical Skills Test – English & Excel Proficiency

It’s unfortunate but true: many candidates will exaggerate their level of skill or ability in a resume and interview….
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Gestion Admin 300

Document Management

HUB has a highly qualified professional team devoted to solving administrative procedures…
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Pymes 300

HR Consulting for Small Businesses

HUB helps small companies that are in need of a Human Resources Professional…
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a medida-300

Tailored HR Services

Every business is different and sometimes our customers face challenges that require unique solutions…
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